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Why Ripplr?

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Content from anywhere
Every post created and shared on Ripplr is based on a URL.
Articles, podcasts, courses, businesses, anything that has a place on the Internet, can be shared and found within Ripplr.
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Truly personal feeds with no ads at all
Feeds are chronological and exclusively populated by the content people choose to follow. There are no ads nor suggested content by the algorithm.
It's your feed, you make the rules.
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Bring your favorite content with you
Create bots that publish content based on public Medium profiles, Youtube channels, News websites, or Blogs.
Follow all your favorite content using a single app and share it with the community.
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Productive consumption experience
Set up multiple Inboxes to collect and organize the content shared from any profile.
Once you have read it, get your Inbox-zero, and be done for the rest day.
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Ripplr is a self-bootstrapped project, we're using Patreon as a way to engage with our community and also to get some money to fund the project. Check out our Patreon page to see what else have we been up to!